Baidu Search Engine Optimization Skills

Friendship link is a kind of friendship link that directly affects search engine ranking. It is like voting for you to promote your website. Baidu pays more attention to friendship link than Google. If you reach a certain number of friendship links, Baidu will generally think that there are many websites to vote for your site, and record directly, it may not immediately have any effect, but updated four times a week, you will find that some rankings have changed and the rankings change slightly, but slowly friendship links can also directly affect the ranking significantly increased and everyone. Keep in mind that there are not too many friendship links exchanged. A website of 30 can be used, so too many friendship links will bring me great convenience. Here’s what search engines focus on:

1. Domain Name of Website Do not Choose Domain Name that Has Been Registered Choose the domain name above, do not choose the domain name that has been registered and deleted, first of all, the new website should pay attention to this point. If you use this domain name, it is very difficult to be included. You can imagine that Baidu Spider included the domain name of the website, and because of other external reasons, the website closed down, but the search engine has included the website, and when the spider crawled the website again, it found that the website had died, so the spider would give a week’s view. See if the website can be revived, when the time has not been revived, the search engine will empty the information of the website and delete the domain name. When you build the website, you re-register the domain name and do SEO, but the domain name has been included in the search engine server to keep the bottom, so the search engine thinks that your website is dead, and can not be in the search engine server. Send spiders to see, so it is very difficult to let spiders include your website, although Baidu already knows this situation, but Baidu has not solved this problem. It is suggested that the new site should not be established when the domain name has been deleted, and when choosing the domain name, check whether the domain name history information has been registered.

2. Site structure is the key to spider crawling So the website itself is also very important, especially Baidu’s emphasis on the structure of the site as a metaphor. Everyone knows that spiders are spider crawling sites that directly affect the search engine and then transmit to the server information website content will be included by the server. Station structure is equivalent to a hotel. If spiders come to the website and find your website clean and tidy and safe, spiders will return to the server and say that your website is safe and tidy. Slowly, spiders will like your website and visit your website every day. If your website is messy and unsafe, spiders will return to the server and your website is very safe. Insecurity is chaotic, so next time spiders will not visit your website, so the structure of the site site site has a great impact on spider crawling and spiders have their own preferences. Baidu spiders like static websites, even if the spiders are chaotic in dirty static websites, they will crawl. If your website is dynamic, chaotic and unsafe, then spiders will not crawl on your website, so I suggest that we do a good job of optimizing the structure of the station, so that there will be no mistakes in the spider collection.

3. Does Spider Include Articles First Look at the Originality of Articles Have you found that spiders can distinguish the originality of articles, whether spiders include articles to see the original degree of articles? The higher the originality is, the greater the probability of being included. To calculate the originality, the spider first needs to look at the number of words, and compare with the similar articles. If the number of words and words are consistent in the similar articles, the spider will think that the originality of your articles is very low, so it will not be included. So now, if you want to make spiders 100% included, Only to do original articles, and now many webmasters are used to original tools, in fact, this is wrong and pseudo-original is a black hat method, if Baidu spider found you use too many times, may directly delete the articles you have included as punishment.

4. Doing a good job of the internal chain is one of the things Baidu attaches great importance to. And the best internal links are intuitive impact search engine ranking, so if your website is Baidu, Baidu attaches great importance to internal links. First of all, we should adjust our website as a whole, links appear where links can be found, keywords appear where keywords can be found. Of course, it is not too much to add the website. Generally, there are pictures added with ALT to add keywords. There are a lot of keywords in the article. Every keyword is bold and hyperlinked to the home page, so there is usually no question. Perhaps a friend of the question feels like adding it to the code

5. Strong Outer Chain Foundation Ability and Good Ranking And Google pays attention to the outside chain, which is a clear contrast. The outside chain does not need to say that every search engine pays attention to the outside chain, especially Google pays great attention to the outside chain. In fact, Baidu pays attention to the inside chain. But you have to be clear that Baidu does not pay attention to the external chain, in fact, the first step in Baidu ranking is to have a strong external chain group support, so every day I release the external chain is useful and if you only do the internal chain but not the external chain, although it may be effective, but it will not be very stable, maybe today’s first page tomorrow will be the third page so strong external chain. Chain group is to make the website more stable, and stable website will bring the greatest benefits to webmasters, so webmasters should not pay too much attention to the internal chain.

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