Build a Localised Chinese Website

The most important factor for any Western business looking to promote their company in China is the creation of a localised Chinese website, that will appeal to customers in China. This is achieved through what could be considered Chinese website design by carefully matching literary attributes and stylistic elements to those found on other Chinese websites.

Developing your own localised Chinese website has great potential for your business. Here’s how you do it.

Among many ways of network marketing, website marketing is an important tool for many enterprises to create brand, marketing products and disseminate enterprise information. To do a good job in website marketing, it is necessary to build a exclusive marketing website, but when it comes to marketing website, many enterprises do not know much about it.

So what is a marketing website?

What are the characteristics of a good marketing website? Now let me tell you something about the construction of marketing websites by the small editors of the whole network world!

First, what is a marketing website? The so-called marketing website is to achieve a specific marketing goal, which can integrate marketing ideas, methods and techniques into the website planning, design and production. The most common goal of marketing websites is to get sales leads or direct orders. A good marketing website has the ability of displaying, guiding, persuading and transforming customers. It can quickly attract visitors’attention, seize users’ needs, effectively convey its own advantages, and provide customer service 24 hours without interruption.

Second, what are the characteristics of a good marketing website?

1. Be friendly to search engines and conform to search engine optimization rules. It can get rankings faster, bring more traffic to the website, and customers can easily find you.

2. Humanization of website design and attention to user needs. Design the overall structure layout from the perspective of access. In navigation design, website layout, business introduction, online communication and other aspects, users’habits should be fully considered, so that they can find the information they want in the shortest time, in order to hopefully turn visitors into customers.

3. Pages should be beautiful and generous, and should not be too fancy. Designing pages should also consider corporate culture, strength, industry characteristics, product attributes, position in the industry, etc. Combining with enterprise positioning, considering user’s habits and doing well in details, technology can not only reflect the professionalism of enterprises, but also create a good visual atmosphere for customers.

4. The content of the website should be readable. Now Baidu algorithm adjustment, more and more attention to content construction, and content plays a vital role in user transformation. Therefore, in content editing, we must dig out the excellent selling points of products or services and edit their advantages into attractive words to narrate. Of course, in the selection of maps, we must be attractive, content must be original and practical, so as to attract more potential customers.

5. Marketing websites need to have customer management functions. Its main function is to respond quickly to the information left by visitors on the website, make timely replies and visits, facilitate the management and tracking of these potential customers, and help the later transformation.

6. Opening speed of website. There are two main aspects of access speed, one is the stability of the server, the other is the code problem of the website itself. In order to pursue the cool page design, many enterprises use many special effects, increase a lot of redundant code, even use FLASH animation, which seriously affects the speed of website access. You know, the user’s time and patience are limited, opening too slowly is very likely to directly lead to customer loss.

7. Online communication. Online communication tools are very important, not only to show the telephone, but also to show online communication tools, of course, you can also leave QQ, set up temporary dialogue function, do not just put QQ, to avoid some users did not login QQ, if consulting also to log on QQ, increase dialogue steps, may lose the opportunity of dialogue, so this aspect must be noted, so that customers can find you in the first place.

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